Kuphills is a young company founded in the state of Florida. We produce K-Cups® which are premium grade 100% Arabica coffee from the world’s best producing countries! We feel that our coffees are the finest available. We select the largest, most desired Arabica beans, grown in nutrient-rich soil in the mountainous terrain of the world’s coffee growing regions. 


It takes many hands to make the perfect cup of coffee – from the farmers who tend to the red-ripe coffee cherries, to our master roaster who has over 20 years of coffee roasting experience. We slowly roast our special beans in small batches to ensure they get their optimal flavor and freshness. A lot of love, skill, experience and patience goes into every cup of Kuphills. We are sure you will enjoy!

Company Profile

When you receive your K-Cups® coffee from Kuphills you are getting it directly from the source! Your coffee will have an expiration date of nearly one full year. If you are not satisfied with our coffee for any reason at all, return it for a refund or exchange. We want to do our best to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase of our coffee. If anything about this transaction do not meet your expectations for any reason at all… please let us know and give us the chance to MAKE IT RIGHT and give you the best product and experience possible. Our success depends on it!
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